Cable Combine Communication Private Limited, commonly identified as CCN (from the name of the popular tv channel CCN which the company runs) is the largest Multi Service Operator in the North Bengal and Darjeeling region. Our company's multiple range of services in the communications field extends across four districts of North Bengal. Established in 1996 Cable Combine Communications has grown by leaps and bounds to emerge as the single largest provider of satellite television distribution services in the state and one of the largest in the country. The company's popular tv channels (CCN and CCN Binodon) enjoy a committed viewership numbering in excess of ten lakh people spanning across all sections and communities. The daily news in Bengal, English and Hindi aired by CCN ranks as one of the most viewed news shows in the region.

The company also provides broadband internet service through its sister concern SINET.
To put North Bengal in the fast changing communication map of the country, to strengthen and re- affirm the socio-cultural aspirations of the region and to create an ambience for growth and economic excellence are the vowed aims of the company.

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